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Are you looking for a way to make the most out of your college experience?

Join the EOPS/CARE/GS Club!

Participation in the EOPS/CARE/Guardian Scholars Club provides individuals with the opportunity to network and expand their support system. It also gives them a greater connection to the GWC campus.

Club participation develops individual leadership skills and experience working in a multicultural environment. As well as, develop communication, organizational skills and interpersonal relationships.

Club members are encouraged to participate in special events, fundraiser's, field trips and community service activities. They club promote cultural awareness through student involvement, opportunity to give back to the campus community, as well as, creates the opportunity for students to unite learn, encourage and empower one another.

The club hosts various fundraiser's throughout the year to raise money for the end of the year event, scholarships, and field trips.

For those students interested in direct leadership opportunities, there are executive officer positions which are elected every year. Those positions include President, Historian, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and ICC Representative.

Get involved today!!

You must be in the EOPS/CARE/GS program to participate in the Club!

The meetings are located on the second floor of the Student Services Center,EOPS/CARE/GS Intake Room 2116!


If you have any questions, contact the Club Advisors Lorena Perez,Michael Crane,Michelle Sambrano


The EOPS/CARE/NextUp/Guardian Scholars program accepts applications on
an ongoing basis. Apply online NOW or download [PDF] version of the application