GWC NextUp/Guardian Scholars students

What is NextUp?

NextUp is a supplemental program of the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program. NextUp is designed to assist students with lived experiences in foster care whose dependency was established or continued by the court on or after a student's 13th birthday. The program assists qualified students in balancing their needs with financial assistance and additional support services.

NextUp Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a resident of California or eligible for a non-resident tuition waiver, which includes the Dream Act, a T, or a U Visa.
  • Be enrolled in at least nine units at the time of acceptance to the program (students can be accepted with less than 9 units but must meet with a program counselor to develop an education plan)
  • Have dependency established or continued by the court on or after the student's 13th birthday
  • Be younger than 26 years of age when first admitted into the NextUp program.

NextUp Support Services

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Additional textbook services provided
  • Associated Student Body fee paid
  • Educational supply voucher
  • Material and health fees paid
  • Monthly gas cards or bus passes
  • Referrals for housing, transportation, and clothing
  • Snack/hygiene pantry
  • Unmet Need Grants
  • Emergency grants (Limitations apply)
  • Students will be informed of any additional or new services

NextUp Student Participation Opportunities

  • Assistance filling out the college application, financial aid applications and processes, and other necessary paperwork
  • Campus and community referrals
  • Conferences
  • Educational workshops
  • EOPS/CARE/Guardian Scholars Club
  • Holiday and graduation events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Annual field trips

Student Commitment to NextUp

Once students have been accepted into the NextUp program, their commitment to the program includes:

  • Attend three (3) EOPS/NextUp counseling appointments each semester (Fall & Spring)
  • Attend at least one (1) activity/workshop each semester (Fall & Spring)
  • Complete a Student NextUp Mutual Responsibility Contract annually
  • Enroll in a minimum of 9 units (exceptions apply)
  • Meet twice with the NextUp/Guardian Scholars Specialist each semester

If you want to find out more about NextUp/Guardian Scholars programs, send an e-mail to Michael Crane at

The EOPS/CARE/NextUp/Guardian Scholars program accepts applications on
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