Committee Vacancies

Faculty representation on campus committees

The Academic Senate strives to strengthen faculty contributions to the campus community and encourages faculty representation on campus-wide committees. Faculty representatives on campus committees have a great opportunity to represent colleagues and have the faculty voice heard.

A list of current committee vacancies is available on the Academic Senates SharePoint site. Please contact the Senate Office if you are interested in serving on one of these committees. Well be updating this list frequently as new opportunities become available . Please note that the Academic Senates main nomination period for committee membership takes place in March via emailed announcements to the faculty.

Senate Office | | 714/895-8175

In accordance with Article VII, Section 8.5.d. (3.d), page 16 of the CFE/AFT Bargaining Agreement, Tenure-track faculty after their first probationary year, are expected to show participation in professional growth activities as evidence of continued professional growth and leadership. Examples participation in collegial governance and campus life, including College or District committees, and community events.