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Kate Green, Professor of Physical Sciences and IPD Chair

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Telephone: (714) 895-8175

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Our Purpose

The Institute for Professional Development (IPD) is a standing committee of the Academic Senate that helps faculty members to design, plan, and achieve their own professional growth objectives. IPD performs its functions on the basis of policies provided by the District Professional Pursuits Committee, the District Sabbatical Leave Committee, the Academic Senate, the college President, and the AFT/CCCD Agreement. The Academic Senate delegates to the IPD the following responsibilities:

  • Inform faculty of professional development opportunities, funding, and deadlines.
  • Recommend faculty requests for sabbatical leaves to the college President and Board of Trustees.
  • Review and recommend faculty requests for salary advancement, alternative methods projects, academic rank, and emeritus status.
  • Allocate conference/travel funds provided by the contract.
  • Coordinate campus and department workshops/retreats with Staff Development.

IPD Services

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Conference/Travel, Professional Meetings & Classes (funds for Full-time and 7.5+ LHE Part-time Faculty
Conference/Travel funds for Part-time faculty teaching less than 7.4 LHE district wide
Conferences – List of conferences by discipline
Salary Advancement Credit
Department/Discipline Symposiums/In-Service Training Meetings
Alternative Methods/Overload Release Time
Sabbatical Leave
Academic Rank
Professor Emeritus Status