Faculty Resources

Syllabus Instructions and Posting

Syllabus Checklist [PDF]

Syllabus Checklist: (COVID-19) — Alternative Language for Student Well Being and Student Services [03.23.2020] [PDF]

Instructions for Posting Syllabus to myGWC using a PDF File [PDF]

Instructions for Posting Syllabus to myGWC using a Word Document [Doc]

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Outcomes Assessment and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Enrollment Services

How to Drop Students [PDF]

Late Add Form

No-Show Drops Information [PDF]

Reinstatement Form

Access the following documents on the Enrollment Services SharePoint

• Add Permit Form


• Grade Input Flyer

• How to View Add Codes

• How to View Waitlists

• No-Show Drops

• Records Retention

• Records Retention Quick tips

• Reinstatement Letter

• Faculty Information

• Grade Input Flyer

Cranium Café Page –Contact Stephanie Esparza, GWC Enrollment Center – Faculty Support
Phone: 714-895-8129

Student Code of Conduct

Admin. Procedure 5500 – Student Code of Conduct [full document]


Student Code of Conduct

Appendix A – Administrative Procedure Definitions

Appendix B – Code of Conduct Violations

Appendix C – Sanctions

Helpful Links

Absence Guidelines Form [PDF]

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Provides Guidance Related to Undocumented Students [PDF]

Canvas Success Center: How-to Videos and resources to help faculty with their Canvas classes

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) – Faculty Resources

Faculty Enlight – textbook adoption and support

Faculty Professional Development = Institute for Professional Development (IPD) – for faculty teaching 7.5 or more LHE

Faculty Schedule Card [Doc]

GWC Title IX Website

Key Responsible Employee Terms and Duties under Title IX [PDF]

Library Services for GWC Faculty

Student Code of Conduct

• Student Services 2020-2021 [PDF] or [PPTX]

• Student Wellbeing

Student Life/ASGWC

Advisor Interest Form – for faculty who are not currently advising a group but would like to be in our database for new clubs in search of an advisor

ASGWC Agenda Item Request – to request an agenda item at the ASGWC Executive Board meetings or Standing Committee meetings

GWC App Event Request – to have an item added to the GWC App Event calendar