New Student Registration Checklist

1. Apply to GWC

You will receive a confirmation email with your GWC Username and Password, directing you to complete MAP (My Academic Plan)

2. Complete MAP (My Academic Plan)

You will need your GWC Student ID#

* Self-Placement for English and Math

* Selection of some General Education courses

* Declare your Major or Pathway

3. Complete your Online Orientation

You will need your GWC Username and Password for your MyCoast Portal.

If you experience technical issues with your Password Reset, let us help!

Once you complete your MAP and Online Orientation, Counselors will be working on your Student Educational Plan (SEP).

When you get our email with information about your Student Educational Plan, follow your NEXT STEPS FOR REGISTRATION and you’re ready to register.

4. Complete your Next Steps for Registration

• View your Student Educational Plan (SEP)

• Use Schedule Planner to plan your classes and schedule

• Check your Registration date

• Set your alarm to register!

Don’t forget to file your FAFSA – Let us help you pay for college

Code is: 

Don’t forget to file your FAFSA – Let us help you pay for college

FAFSA Video - Getting Stated

Code is: 

New Student Counseling

One of the most important pieces about coming to college is understanding what the college has to offer you and meeting the community that supports you.  We want to connect you with Counseling.  We invite all new incoming students to view the pre-recorded session below.

Contact Counseling Department