Get the classes you need at the times you want with Priority Registration

What is priority registration?

Priority registration is designated specifically for students who enroll in GWC for the purpose of degree or certificate attainment, transfer to a four-year college or university, or career advancement. Students who have completed orientation and assessment, developed an education plan, declared a major, and maintained good academic standing will be granted higher priority for registration.

Students are notified of their registration dates by posting the date and time in the student’s MyGWC portal account. Specific dates and times are determined by: Student Type (Continuing, New, Returning, etc.), Educational Goal, Support Programs (DSPS, EOPS, Foster Youth, Veterans, CalWorks), Academic Standing, and completed course units (0-99).

To view Priority Registration Requirements Deadlines and Registration Appointments Assigned dates, you can go to our ACADEMIC CALENDAR page or the REGISTER page. (Under "When can I register?, then the term drop down.) 

If you fulfill the Priority Registration requirements after the deadline, the Priority Registration appointment will be assigned the following semester. 


Requirements for Priority Registration

New and Returning Students
Continuing Students


How are priority registration appointments assigned?

Golden West College utilizes a priority registration system that is in compliance with California Education Title 5 Code of Regulations for Community Colleges and SB 1456. GWC has three levels of priority registration. In order to register in the first level priority registration group, students must meet ALL State mandated requirements for priority registration.

LEVEL 1: New, Returning, Continuing, Special Program, International , and Athlete Students (Excluding K-12 students)
LEVEL 2: New, Returning, Continuing, and Special Program Students (Excluding K-12 students)
LEVEL 3: All Other College Students (Excluding K-12 students)
LEVEL 4: Dual Enrollment and Concurrently Enrolled High School Students


FAQ: Priority Registration

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