Online Majors

Associate Degree for Transfer

GWC AAT – AnthropologyADT

GWC AAT – Child and Adolescent Development for TransferADT

GWC AAT – EnglishADT

GWC AAT – Global StudiesADT

GWC AAT – HistoryADT

GWC AAT - Political ScienceADT

GWC AAT – PsychologyADT

GWC AAT – Social Justice StudiesADT

GWC AAT – SociologyADT

GWC AAT – SpanishADT

GWC AST – Administration of JusticeADT

GWC AST – Business Administration for TransferADT


Associate Degree

GWC AA – AccountingAssociates

GWC AA – Lib Arts: MathematicsAssociates

GWC AA – Lib Arts: Comp Sci & TechnologyAssociates

GWC AA – Lib Arts: Social SciencesAssociates

GWC AA – Lib Arts: Social & Behavioral SciAssociates

GWC AA – Lib Arts: Arts & HumanitiesAssociates

GWC AA - Lib Arts-ScienceAssociates

GWC AA - Lib St: Elem EducAssociates

GWC AA - Liberal Arts: Business & Public AdminAssociates

GWC AA - Liberal Arts: Human Behavior & Self DevAssociates

GWC AA - MarketingAssociates

GWC AA - Political ScienceAssociates

GWC AA - PsychologyAssociates



GWC Cert - Business AdministrationCertificate

GWC Cert - Enrolled Agent Tax SpecialistCertificate

GWC Cert - Entrepreneurship ICertificate

GWC Cert - Entrepreneurship IICertificate

GWC Cert - Global StudiesCertificate

GWC Cert - Graphic Design Web Site DesignCertificate

GWC Cert - Human Resources ManagementCertificate

GWC Cert - MarketingCertificate

GWC Cert - Staff AccountantCertificate

GWC Cert - University Core