Drop for Non-Payment

Winter Intersession/ Spring 2021

November 19, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between October 26 and November 8

December 3, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between November 9 and November 22

December 10, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between November 23 and November 30

December 17, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between December 1 and December 6

January 14, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between December 7 and January 3

January 21, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between January 4 and January 17

January 28, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between January 18 and January 24

January 29, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between January 25 and January 28

Any registration that occurs on January 29th or later will not be dropped for non-payment. Students that enroll are responsible for paying their fees or withdrawing from classes prior to the refund deadline to cancel fees.

IMPORTANT: Ultimately, students are responsible for any fees incurred and grades received. It is the students responsibility to drop classes by the State mandated refund deadline to avoid fee obligations and MUST print a student class program (available via MyGWC) to verify all withdrawals regardless of drop for non-payment schedule. Not showing up to class for the first class meeting does not equate to withdrawing from a class. If you do not attend a class in which you are enrolled you must drop yourself from the class by the refund deadline. Drops are completed online via MyGWC.

Late Payment Agreement:

Golden West College is excited to offer our Spring 2021 Late Payment Agreement. Students must apply for the FASFA or California Dream Act and then complete the Late Payment Agreement Contract. This will extend your deadline to pay to April 1, 2021. You must sign up for the late payment agreement no later than 12:00 noon the day of the drop for non-payment.

Cashnet Payment Plan:

Have you registered for courses, owe over $150, and need a payment plan for your current term? Please visit the Cashnet Payment Portal. You must enroll in the plan no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the drop for non-payment.

Residency Documentation

All documents must be turned into Admissions and Records by the end of the third week of the semester the student is trying to establish California residency. Requests after this date will not go into effect until the following semester.

Petition for Graduation

Graduation applications must be submitted:

Fall: September 1st – November 1st

Spring: February 1st – April 15th

Summer: July 1st – August 1st