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Pass/No Pass grading option information
How do I retake a course?
What is a "W" (Withdrawal) grade?
What is a "I" (Incomplete) grade?
What does "IP" (In Progress) mean?
How does grading work for credit courses?
How does grading work for non-credit courses?
I have a complaint about my grade.

A&R Forms

The GWC Admissions and Records Office are in the process of converting PDF forms to utilizing electronic forms for submitting requests. This will allow students to complete and submit forms securely.

Each form has a concise description to provide the objective of the form. If it is still a PDF form, there is an email address in the depiction to submitted it to. Most of the electronic forms will require an active GWC account.

If you have not attended GWC for one year or more, complete your request by reaching out to the contact person for that department.

The electronic forms will ask you to log in with your GWC username and password. You will be able to upload attachments directly on the form.

Depending on how forms are configured, you will also be able to get updates as the form progresses from submission, to review, to completion.

Instructions to Submit New Electronic Forms:

  • Click on the form link.
  • Enter your GWC username and password.
  • Complete and submit the form.

*Forms time-out after 45 minutes.

If you cannot complete it, and the form has been enabled to save your progress, click the “Save Progress” button at the bottom of the page. You can return to it later.

* To review forms, you have submitted in the past, click on “Forms History.” Then click on the icon for PDF or for the HTML view.

Forms are organized by category within the sections below:

Application, Registration, & Grades
Contacts For Forms


Student Responsibility and Communications
Repetition Policy
Academic Honesty Policy
Probation Policy
Academic Disqualification Policy
Academic Renewal Policy and Procedure
Virtual Advisor