Construction Update for Week Beginning: 1/9/23

Language Arts Complex - Measure M:
Construction activity continues with interior drywall installation, priming, painting, and Ceiling T-bar and lighting installation. Exterior finishing continues with exterior porcelain tile, terra cotta, and stucco installation. Scaffolding is being removed incrementally. Portions of Parking Lot C remain barricaded for construction traffic; there is no parking within the barricades. Roads and walkways within any fenced off construction area are not accessible to pedestrian traffic; please use alternate routes to get around Campus. Exercise caution around construction vehicles and areas surrounding the construction site, especially later in the afternoon when it is getting dark, and if it is raining. Noise level will be low to moderate for these activities. (See attached map [PDF] for work areas and construction vehicle routes)

Site Restoration Project - Campus:
Restoration of the demolition site from the old KOCE building is in progress. The site, which is located on the east side of campus between the Amphitheater and Fine Arts, north of Forum 2, will remain fenced off with no public access within the fence. (See attached map [PDF] for work area)

Pool Replastering Project - Campus:
The replastering of the swimming pools on campus continues this week. This will have minimal impact on the campus at this time. (See attached map [PDF] for work area)

Technology Building Roof Project - Campus:
The Technology roof has been completed.

General Note:
For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Mike Golden at for Measure M projects, and Frank Fonseca at or Joe Dowling at for Campus projects.