Construction Update for Week Beginning: 1/22/24

Language Arts Complex - Measure M:
The new Language Arts Complex is nearing completion and the building is open for classes.  Maintenance of new landscaping continues.  Noise level will be low for these activities.   

GenEd Bldg Demo Project - Campus and Measure M:
Minor electrical work will be done in the site this week.  Demolition of one remaining building and surrounding area are scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2024, and new landscaping in place by the end of the spring 2024 semester.  Construction vehicle activity will impact the parking lot near Auto Tech and the Native Garden, and the access road along Auto Tech, north of the site.  Extra care should be taken along the access road.  There is no pedestrian access within the construction fence.  Noise level will be low to moderate for these activities.  (See attached map [PDF] for work area and construction vehicle routes)

Rustler Hangout Remodel - Campus:
The Rustler Hangout, RecEd rm 100, is being remodeled.  Please stay clear of construction vehicles and use caution around the area.  Noise level will be low to moderate for these activities. (See attached map [PDF] for work area)

Fine Arts Building - Campus:
A Topographic Surveyor will be on campus at the Fine Arts Bldg. starting early Monday morning.  

Handrail Installation Project - Campus:
Installation of the handrail at the parking lot drop off area between the LRC and the Math & Science Bldg (west side of campus) has been completed.  The handrail at the southwest corner of campus outside the Public Safety Bldg. is forthcoming.  Please watch for and avoid the area once work is in progress and mind caution tape and barricades.  Noise level will be low to moderate for these activities. (See attached map [PDF] for work area)

Underground Electrical - Campus:
Contractors will be inspecting electric cables via manholes throughout campus this week.  Please watch for delineators and avoid open manholes.  Noise level will be low for this activity.

Site Restoration Project - Campus:
Restoration of the old KOCE building demolition site located on the east side of campus between the Amphitheater and Fine Arts has been completed, with the construction fence remaining in place until new grass is established.  There is no public access within the fence.  New vegetation has been planted and the berm has been removed between the amphitheater and the site, creating an open, accessible area.  New lighting has been installed for increased visibility.   (See attached map [PDF] for work area)

General Note:
For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Mike Golden at for Measure M projects, and Frank Fonseca at or Joe Dowling at for Campus projects.