Construction Update for Week Beginning 2/22/21

Language Arts Complex - Measure M:
The new Language Arts Building is in the pre-construction phase; the process of awarding contracts continues.

Auto Technology Sidewalk Replacement Project - Campus:
Construction has been completed. Landscape beautification around the building continues.

Rec Ed Roof Replacement Project - Campus:
Roof installation on the Rec Ed bldg. continues this week. Construction traffic will enter at the Maintenance/Receiving entrance on McFadden Ave. Exercise caution around construction vehicles and areas surrounding the Rec Ed bldg. Noise level will be moderate for these activities. (See attached map [PDF] for work area and construction vehicle routes)

General Note:
For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Mike Golden at for Measure M projects, and Frank Fonseca at or Joe Dowling at for Campus projects.