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Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

Request for Certification:
Every semester request to certify classes for students using VA education benefits. Request for Certification - One per Semester

Parent School Letter Request:
Request to certify for students taking classes at another school. Parent School Letter (PSL) Request Form - One per Secondary School

Add and/or Drop Certified Classes:
Request to add/drop certified classes from current certification. Add and/or Drop Classes Form


Golden West College is dedicated to providing veterans the support they need to make a seamless transition from their military service to their personal commitment to themselves, their families, and their communities through a college education. Lets get started!

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Veterans Services is staffed by GWC school employees. We do not represent the VA, therefore, there are many questions we cannot answer. Call the VAs Education Call Center in Muskogee, OK, at (888) 442-8551 for authoritative answers from a VA representative. You may also find answers on the VAs website

How do I apply for VA educational benefits?
I am a non-resident. Will the VA pay my non-resident fees?
What is the Monthly Housing Allowance for students using Post 9/11 benefits?
Does GWC give veterans priority registration?
Why do I need a Student Education Plan?
How do I submit official transcripts to GWC?
What about credit for military service?
What do I do with my CalVet Fee Waiver?
Where do I submit my active duty Tuition Assistance Authorization?
Do I need a parking permit?
Can I get a Veterans designation on my California Drivers License and ID?