Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sexual Harassment

Title IX Program
What should I do if I or a friend may have been sexually assaulted?
What should I do about preserving evidence of a sexual assault?
What should I do if I am uncertain about what I experienced constitutes sexual harassment?
Does the complaint remain confidential?
Do I have to name my assailant?
Will the accused student know my identity?
If I report my assailant, I am afraid that I will be subject to retaliation from him/her or his/her friends. What kinds of protection can the District provide to me?
What if I have a relationship with the person who assaulted me?
Will my parents be told?
Will a student be punished when reporting a sexual harassment policy violation if he/she has illegally used alcohol and/or other drugs?
Can I file a complaint with the District and also with the police? Can I do one and not the other?
What is the time frame for resolution?