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Digital Arts

The Digital Arts program prepares students for employment in the field of digital arts and graphic design. It consists of applied exercises in advertising thinking, visual communication, graphic design, and preparation of art for reproduction. Concept development and the generation of a portfolio suitable for job applications or transfer to a degree program is a major focus in each of the core courses.

The Digital Arts program provides students the opportunity to gain fundamental skills in the application and use of digital tools such as graphic design and web design in a project-based, hands-on environment. Digital Arts will equip students with deep knowledge of how to evolve complex concepts incorporating visual imagery, illustration, typography, 3D graphics and text into creative forms of communication delivered and experienced through print, web, mobile, and interactive environments.

The curriculum emphasizes the understanding of modern society itself and will prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to synthesize social questions into cogent design solutions. Major focus is placed on the attainment of critical, creative and technical proficiencies related to cultural products of mass communication across print media, the Internet, and mobile communication devices. The Digital Arts program challenges students to:

  • Become highly skilled in the professional execution of their ideas;
  • Explore the applied and artistic aspects of digital design and visual communications;
  • Responsibly address social, political and personal issues in their work
  • Digital Arts graduates are qualified to apply for entry-level jobs in such diverse fields as graphic design, web design, web development, mobile content design, environmental graphic design, or other creative positions requiring the skills of a digital artist.