Welcome to the ESL Department

What classes do we offer?

We offer five levels of classes both morning and evening. You can take a Core class (grammar and writing skills), a Reading class, or a Listening/Speaking class according to your needs and your schedule. You can take 3 classes, or 2 classes or 1 class. Remember, the more you practice, the faster you will learn. Also, take a look at the helpful resources listed at the bottom of the ESL Questions and Help page.

Visit here to view a full list of classes offered by the ESL Department.

ESL Core Classes ESL Reading Classes ESL Listening/Speaking Classes
ESL 031 (5 credits – 6 hours/week) ESL 032 (3 credits / hours/week) ESL 033 (3 credits / hours/week)
ESL 041 (5 credits – 6 hours/week) ESL 042 (3 credits / hours/week) ESL 043 (3 credits / hours/week)
ESL 051 (5 credits – 6 hours/week) ESL 052 (3 credits / hours/week) ESL 053 (3 credits / hours/week)
ESL 119 (5 credits – 10 hours/week) ESL 062 (3 credits / hours/week) ESL 063 (3 credits / hours/week)
ESL 120 (5 credits / 10 hours/week) ESL 073* (2 credits / hours/week)

*Due to limited budget, we are currently not able to offer ESL 073

Do you have ESL Questions or need help?

Visit our Question and Help page.

ESL Practice Site

A group of ESL instructors developed these pages to help students practice English language skills. The pages link to grammar, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, and vocabulary activities for beginning, intermediate and advanced ESL students. The links will give ESL learners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of English by accessing a variety of activities online. Click here to visit the page.