How do I sign up for classes?

First apply for admission to Golden West College. (General information + the following link)

GWC Apply

International Students use this link:

Note: There is a separate application process for international students.

Here is the link to the The Center for Global & Cultural Programs’ Office to help you.

How do I find out which classes are best for me?

After you have been admitted to Golden West, go to the Assessment Center and make an appointment to take the Placement Test. Here is the link for the Assessment Center and their phone number.

After you have taken the Placement Test and have your results, you should see a counselor and get advice with your educational plan and goals. Here is the link:

How much do classes cost?

Basically, it is $46/unit for resident students and $214/unit for nonresident students, but there are also other fees. See the link below for additional information.

When do classes start?

Here is the link to always know when the semesters start and end.

When and where do I get my books?

The GWC bookstore gets the books early. You can get your books the week before classes start and come to class prepared the first day. Be sure to keep your receipt. If you have your receipt and you have a problem you can return the book or books and get your money back and then get the correct book.

What do I do if the class I want is full?

You will be put on a waiting list. Be sure to go to class the first day if you are on the waiting list. Some teachers will go down the list and add students in order. Other teachers will do a lottery system. It is the teachers choice how they add students.If you are not added to the class, you may not stay and sit in on the class in the hope that you will be added. 

Are there support services to help me learn English faster?

Yes. First of all, use the GWC ESL website. Go to the Writing and Reading Center on the ground floor in the new Learning Resource Center.

Writing Center self-study courses are unit to unit courses that can be done at the students own speed. No placement test is needed for Writing Center courses.

Section of ESL Readers on the second floor of the LRC very near the Reference desk. Section of books for younger readers in stack 22 on the third floor of the LRC.Also on the ground floor of the LRC is the Tutorial Learning Center. There is a free Conversation Lab in the Tutorial Learning Center. The schedule changes a little each semester. For Fall 2018, this is the schedule.

Even in you are not currently taking a conversation class, going to the Conversation Lab in the Tutoring Center in the LRC is a great way to build your English skills. Remember that the better your pronunciation is, especially for those sounds at the ends of the words, the better your spelling will be.