Global communications


Global studies is the interdisciplinary study of political, economic, ecological and cultural interconnectedness. You can do a lot with this major! Global Studies majors go on to successful careers in international business, academics, advocacy, politics, government, publishing, the arts, research, and much more.

Graduates from a Global Studies interdisciplinary program will develop the skills and attitudes to excel as global citizens. They will possess an increased understanding of the world’s social, political, economic and natural systems and an appreciation of the diversity of human culture. This knowledge will enable them to better work in the global economy, live in a multicultural society and make intelligent decisions as global citizens.

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Social Sciences, Communications, World Languages Division

Dr. Alex Miranda, Dean

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Lindsay McNutt
Division Coordinator

Job Titles Related to this Major


  • Import/Export Specialist
  • International Business Owner/Administrator
  • International Development Coordinator
  • International Lawyer
  • International Market Researcher
  • International Relations
  • International Mediator/Negotiator


  • Human Rights Advocate
  • Social Justice Advocate
  • Consumer Rights Advocate
  • Diplomat/Foreign Service Worker
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Policy Planner/Analyst
  • Democratization and Development Analyst

Environmental and Health

  • Sustainability Researcher and Planner
  • Global Climate Change Researcher and Advocate
  • Healthcare Worker/Provider
  • International Human Resources Specialist/Social Worker
  • Strategic Planning Consultant
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness Analyst


  • Global Technologies Engineer
  • International Correspondent
  • International Relations Director
  • Media Consultant
  • International Editor/Media Specialist
  • Public Relations Analyst/Director
  • International Marketer
This is an interdisciplinary program. Please see individual department web pages for list of faculty