Cost of Study

Tuition & Fees Information

International student tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year is $485 USD per unit. International students are required to enroll in minimum of 12 units Fall and Spring semesters to maintain their F-1 status. International students are also required to purchase health insurance coverage designated by GWC which costs $1,740 per year approximately.


Estimated Expenses

The chart below shows estimated expenses for students taking 12 units per semester. International student tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year is $485 USD per unit*.

For more detailed breakdown of tuition and expenses, see estimated expenses sheet.


Estimated Expenses (12 units per semester)*
Per Semester Per Year
Tuition: Non-Resident Tuition ($388 per unit) $4,656 $9,312
Enrollment Fee ($46 per unit) $552 $1,104
Capital Outlay Fee ($51 per unit) $612 $1,224
Mandatory Health Services Fee (per semester) $26 $52
College Service Charge (per semester) $20 $40
Student Representation Fee (per semester) $2 $4
Mandatory Health Insurance $870 $1,740
Estimated Living Expenses $6,600 $13,200
Estimated Incidentals, Books and Supplies $350 $700
Total $13,688 $27,376


*Tuition and fee amounts are subject to change without advance notice.

Requirements for Admission and I-20 Issuance

Proof of sufficient funds for tuition, fees, and living expenses for one year are required for issuance of the Form I-20. Applicants must submit the following items.

Proof of Funding

  • Financial document under the sponsor’s name with a minimum balance of $27,376 USD dated within the last five months.
  • Accepted forms of financial documents:
    • Official bank statement from a checking or savings account. 
    • You may submit multiple bank statements from more than one sponsor as long as the total amount equals our minimum amount. Each sponsor must sign the affidavit of support form.
    • Bank letter signed by the financial institution showing an exact amount in U.S. dollars of available funds, not estimated.
    • We do not accept Investment Account or equity as proof of funding. All funds must be liquid.

Affidavit of Support Form

  • The Affidavit of support form must be signed by your sponsor (the bank account holder)
  • Multiple Sponsors: if you have multiple sponsors, each sponsor must sign the affidavit of support form
  • Self-Sponsoring: if you will be sponsoring yourself, please complete the form and check the "personal savings" section

Students with Dependents

  • Students who plan bring dependent spouses or children to the U.S. as F-2 visa holders need to show proof of additional $3,000 per dependent in order for us to issue dependent I-20s.

Cosmetology Students

  • Applicants for the Cosmetology program must submit proof of funding showing a minimum balance of $34,375 USD.
  • For detailed break down of fees, see the Cosmetology Estimated Expenses

For detailed information on all required application documents, see the list of required documents.

Health Insurance Fees

International students are required to purchase health insurance coverage from Compass Student Insurance provided by Cigna Global each semester in order to register for classes each semester. No other health insurance plans are accepted.

Dependent health insurance is not available through the plans provided by Compass Student Insurance. However, there are several individual plan options available by clicking here. Any coverage you purchase for your dependents is not affiliated with Golden West College or with the Compass Student Health Insurance Plan. 

Student may contact us if they have health insurance coverage provided by a U.S. based employer through spouse or parents: