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The Golden West College Mathematics Department offers a number of programs to satisfy the diverse needs of its students:

  • The Developmental Mathematics Program
    The Developmental Program is designed for students who desire to improve their mathematics skills in Arithmetic, Prealgebra, Algebra, and Geometry.
  • The K-8 Teacher Preparation Program
    This Program is designed for students who desire to become K-8 Teachers
  • The General Education Transfer Program
    This Program is designed for students planning to transfer to four -year colleges or universities but are not committed to a major in Mathematics, the Physical or the Social Sciences.
  • The Natural Science Transfer Program
    This Program is designed for students majoring in Mathematics, Physical Sciences (i.e. Astronomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics), Life Sciences (i.e. Pre-medicine, Biology, Botany, Microbiology) In addition to these programs the department also offers free tutoring for students enrolled in mathematics courses at Golden West College.

Program Highlights

The department offers a comprehensive sequence of mathematics at the two-year college level from arithmetic through differential equations.

  • All instructors possess Masters degrees in mathematics
  • Tutoring is available for any GWC math student
  • The department maintains two fully equipped computer labs with staff to assist GWC students in developmental/remedial math classes.
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Rick Hicks, Dean

For more information contact:
The Division Office

The Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T) in Mathematics will transfer to the following California State Universities:

CSU Bakersfield
CSU Channel Islands
CSU Chino
CSU Dominguez Hills
CSU East Bay
CSU Fresno
CSU Fullerton
CSU Humbolt
CSU Long Beach
CSU Los Angeles
CSU Monterey Bay
CSU Northridge
CSU Pomona
CSU Sacramento
CSU San Bernadino
CSU San Diego
CSU San Francisco
CSU San Jose
CSU San Luis Obispo
CSU San Marcos
CSU Sonoma
CSU Stanislaus

The list of CSU campuses for this major was provided by the California State University’s A Degree with a Guarantee website: http://adegreewithaguarantee.com/

Most of the courses in this program also transfer to the University of California (UC) System and Private Universities. Please see your GWC Counselor early in your studies to choose the transfer option that is right for you.


Some Popular Career Choices:


The teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level is a high-demand field and the need is expected to grow in the future. The place to go for explicit career information is the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics homepage.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial science takes mathematics and statistics and applies them to finance and insurance. Actuarial science includes a number of interrelating disciplines, including probability and statistics, finance, and economics. Check out Be An Actuary.

Computer Science

Computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems. Mathematicians, with their training in logical and precise thinking, are highly prized in this field. See the student section of the Association for Computing Machinery for career advice.

Operations Research

Operations research is an interdisciplinary branch of mathematics which uses mathematical methods to arrive at optimal decisions to problems in maximizing or minimizing things like costs or profits. The eventual intention behind using Operations Research is to elicit a best possible solution to a problem mathematically, which improves or optimizes the performance of the system. The group INFORMS is the world’s largest society devoted to operations research/management science.


Mathematical biology or biomathematics is an interdisciplinary field of study. It models natural and biological processes using mathematical techniques and tools. Results have been applied to areas such as cellular neurobiology, epidemic modelling, and population genetics. The education page of the Society for Mathematical Biology links to schools offering biomath degrees along with a description of the coursework needed.


Cryptography is the practice and study of hiding information. Cryptography is considered to be a branch of both mathematics and computer science. Not just for spies anymore, cryptography applications include the security of ATM cards and computer passwords.


Finance is a field that studies and addresses the ways in which individuals, businesses, and organizations raise, allocate, and use monetary resources over time, taking into account the risks entailed in their projects. Mathematicians can build models to help explain and predict the behavior of financial markets. Several schools offer Master’s degrees in Financial Mathematics. A quick web search will take you to their web pages.

Source: Mathematical Association of America www.maa.org/careers

Math and Science Faculty group photo*All instructors possess at minimum a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.

Gita AlemansourProgram Chair and Full-time Faculty
B.S. in Engineering from UCI & M.A. in Mathematics from CSUF
Office: MS – 221; Ext. 51090

Pete BouzarProfessor
B.A. & M.A. in Mathematics from CSUF
Office: MS – 226; Ext. 52247

Antony HoangProfessor
B.S. & M.S. in Mathematics from UCI
Office: MS – 225; Ext. 51042

Maryam KhakbazanFull-time Faculty
M.S. & M.A. in Engineering and Mathematics from CSUF
Office: LRC – 326; Ext. 52296

Gary KirbyFull-time Faculty
B.A. & M.A. in Mathematics from UCSC
Office: MS – 223; Ext.51100

Natalie KochFull-time Faculty
B.A. Mathematics from UCSB, M.S. Mathematics CSULB
Office: MS – 223; Ext. 51122

Lindsay LewisFull-time Faculty
B.S. & M.S. in Mathematics from CSUF
Office: MS – 225; Ext. 51108

Annette ParkFull-time Faculty
B.S. in Mathematics from UC Irvine; M.A. in Mathematics from CSUF
Office: MS – 222; Ext. 51068