New Developments at GWC for Fall 2023

rendered drawing of language arts building with trees and sidewalks

The fall semester starts on August 28 at Golden West College, and a number of significant improvements have taken place – including new or renovated areas on campus.  Here are the highlights:


  • A new teacher preparation pathway has been designed that will guide students from Westminster High School to Golden West College to California State University, Long Beach – students will be able to earn their bachelor’s degree and teaching credential as part of the pathway. A similar pathway to University of California, Irvine for teachers in STEM fields also is being developed.
  • A Math Engineering and Science Achievement program (MESA) will launch in the fall, aimed at helping STEM students succeed and transfer in those fields. This program will supplement an ongoing STEM grant at GWC, which focuses on assisting Latinx students entering STEM fields.
  • The College received a grant focusing on additional support for Asian American and Pacific Islander students; some examples include additional counseling and mental health services.
  • Golden West College established an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) model collaborative partnership with CSU San Bernardino. This partnership will prepare and increase the numbers of nursing professionals available for work in the state of California who hold the BSN degree.
  • A Computer Science Associate Degree for Transfer is available starting in Fall 2023, one of the only such degrees available from Southern California community colleges.
  • During the summer, more than 30 faculty worked to convert courses to “zero textbook cost,” which uses free resources rather than requiring students to buy books.
  • A new, three-story Language Arts building will be open in time for the start of classes in the fall. The complex contains office space for more than 30 faculty, as well as 30 new classrooms, a student resource center, a lactation room, and more.
  • New directional signage has been placed around the campus to improve wayfinding for students and visitors.
  • Areas such as the amphitheater have been cleared of excessive plant growth so that they can be utilized for events.
  • New furniture for outside use by students has been placed at strategic locations, such as the Student Union, and a student lounge where students can eat and study has been added to the Learning Resource Center.
  • Additional food service will be available in several buildings: a vending operation called Farmer’s Fridge will provide students with healthy meal options.