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The philosophical core of this club is to unite humanity beyond ethnic, political and religious differences. It seeks to inspire today's young people to cultivate their leadership, creativity and awareness as we create healthier and more peaceful youth communities.


Our destiny is inherently interdependent and while we must learn to rotate individually, we must revolve collectively. – Dr. Ilchi Lee, pioneer for peace

Welcome to the Peace, Mind & Body Website. This site is dedicated to our dear late Dr. Susanna Gonzalez, who spent the last years of her life working tirelessly to establish the Peace Studies program at Golden West College. Her vision was to achieve peace through education, and her mission was to train people of all walks of life to become leaders in global peace and harmony. The true purpose of education, she believed, is to instill dedication to service in everyone and to help us to learn and grow over the course of our entire lives.

I joyfully dedicate myself to seeing Susanna's vision through. It is my hope that with my efforts combined with yours and the generous support of Golden West College, the Peace Studies program will flourish. In the same way that flowers learn to grow amid the cracks of industrial pavement, graduates of the Peace Studies program will leave with the vibrant seeds of knowledge for how to create peace within ourselves, our communities, and the world.

We believe peace begins with the individual, with me. The first step is to realize the innate power each of us possesses to create harmony. With that knowledge, we can successfully learn how to use our bodies, minds and spirits to the fullest in order to create peace. With healthy, constructive knowledge and training firmly rooted, we can finally begin to demolish differences and build bridges among people everywhere.

This website is intended to serve as a tool with which to explore new possibilities and to give students all they require to become trailblazing bridge-builders in the world of inspiration and innovation. Our mission is to introduce leadership, creativity and awareness of peace throughout our campus.

Please join us. Email, phone, or mail us about your needs and questions. Together we can build a culture of peace on campus.

Thank you.

Fran Faraz
Peace & Leadership Club Advisor
Peace Studies Coordinator
Golden West College


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