Dr. Susana Nakamoto Gonzalez

The Pillar of Peace is dedicated to Dr. Susana Nakamoto Gonzalez for her vision, dedication and commitment to peace. Dr. Gonzalez spent the last years of her life working tirelessly to establish the Peace Studies program at Golden West College. Her vision was to achieve peace through education, and her mission was to train people of all walks of life to become leaders in global peace and harmony. The true purpose of education, she believed, is to instill dedication to service in everyone and to help us to learn and grow over the course of our entire lives.

She believed peace begins with the individual, with me. The first step is to realize the innate power each of us possesses to create harmony. With that knowledge, we can successfully learn how to use our bodies, minds and spirits to the fullest in order to create peace. With healthy, constructive knowledge and training firmly rooted, we can finally begin to demolish differences and build bridges among people everywhere.

To make a donation for the pillar please contact the GWC Foundation Office at 714-895-8316.