Parenting & Pregnant Students Resources

Golden West College is honored to welcome and support pregnant and parenting student to the campus on-ground and online. Our mission is to provide students with the resources, knowledge, and guidance to accomplish their educational and life goals.

Did you know…

  • About 1 in 10 students in a California Community College is a parent who applied for financial aid
  • Parenting students have a slightly higher GPA that non-parenting students
  • Parenting and pregnant students express a strong commitment to continuing their education and transferring to a 4-year college

Have questions or requests?

Carla R. Martinez, Ed.D.

Carla R. Martinez, Ed.D.
Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator
Office: (714) 895-8781

Programs for Parenting or Pregnant Students

GWC Campus Resources

Parenting & Pregnant Students - Student Health Center

Parenting & Pregnant Students - Academic Success Center

Other Resources

Parenting & Pregnant Students - On-Campus Childcare

Parenting & Pregnant Students - Off-Campus Resources

Parenting & Pregnant Students - Transportation

To request funds for diapers, formula, or baby wipes, please fill-out the Student Ally Center Intake Form.

In the section that says: Please briefly explain the situation,” you can write that you are a parent or pregnant and include what items you need to purchase.