Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Q: What is the Regional Testing Center?
Q: What is the CDPH?
Q: I'm renewing my CNA license, which exam do I take?
Q: What is a 283B form?
Q: What is a CDPH 932 form?
Q: Do I need both the 283B and the CDPH 932 form?
Q: How do I receive a copy of my examination results?
Q: Why haven't I received my license?

Registration Questions:

Q: How do I register for an exam?
Q: What is 20 business days?
Q: How can I pay for the exam?
Q: Can I get my registration fees refunded?
Q: Do I need to fill out the 2nd choice on the registration form?
Q: Why haven't I received a confirmation email or letter yet?
Q: How do I reschedule my exam?

CNA Testing Questions:

Q: How many times can I take the CNA exam?
Q: Can I bring a dictionary or notes to the test?
Q: How do I receive my test results?
Q: I don't agree with my test results, what can I do?