Criminal Justice Training Center

Criminal Justice Training Center

Upcoming Academy Dates

Spring 2022 term
CJ G054 Orientation Class: May 16 – June 12, 2022
CRN: 46543

Summer 2022 term
RBC Class 167: July 2, 2022 – December 15, 2022

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About the Center

The Criminal Justice Training Center, a Regional Law Enforcement Training Facility, is deeply committed to the colleges mission to deliver high-quality learning and learning-related services to students and the community we serve. Our top priority is to provide educational, vocational and technical training that will lead to transfer to a university, specialized employment, or career advancement.

All three (3) programs offered at the Criminal Justice Training Center are flexible to meet the constantly changing training needs of the law enforcement profession. These needs are established collectively and independently by Municipal, County, and State law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, state certification standards for police officers, established and mandated by the State Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.), are constantly in transition to meet the ever-changing demands placed on law enforcement in the State of California.

Set in a non-traditional matrix, the CJTC is divided into three (3) major and complex programs, each having different and specific delivery requirements. Even though seemingly independent of each other, each program nevertheless has areas that are interwoven and interdependent with no one area more or less important than the other.

Specialized Investigator’s Basic Course (SIBC)

Contact Person: John P. Wolfe

Tentatively scheduled for Spring 2022