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Social Sciences, Communication Studies, World Languages, & Distance Education

Dr. Alex Miranda, Dean

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World Language

The Associate of Arts in World Language Degree is an excellent way to develop critical thinking, analytical, and communicative skills. It provides a basis for understanding cultures and languages, and therefore prepares graduates for many careers in a multicultural world. Communication is vital in our growing global interdependence and technological connectivity. Students in the Associate of Arts in World Language Degree can develop careers in the areas including but not limited to: education, business, international business, diplomatic services, anthropology, economics, political science, literature, sociology, linguistics, interpreting, translation, research, public relations, international commerce, tourism, journalism, and publishing.

The degree offers language courses from beginning to advanced level. All courses are designed to develop the students' listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and/or signing skills as well as to provide general overview of various civilizations and cultures related to the languages. Students will be prepared for a baccalaureate degree in an array of degrees utilizing world languages.

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