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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a placement result at GWC?

You have options!

We have a Placement Tool to help you choose the GWC courses that best match your academic ability and educational goals. You can:

• Self-report high school grade point average and coursework (if your high school graduation is less than 10 years ago)

• Self-select GWC English and Math courses

Or, you can upload valid, prior academic records using the Multiple Measures page to get a placement. The records we accept are:

• Early Assessment Program (EAP) or California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASP) score of “Standard Exceeded” for English and/or math.

• Advanced Placement exam scores of “3” or above.

• Expository Reading Writing Course (ERWC) grade of at least “C” in both semesters of senior year.

• Placement test results from another college or university within the past two years.

Why does GWC not offer the placement test for English and Math?

At GWC, our goal is to ensure that you have access to a high-quality college education and experience. Placement tests can underestimate your true academic potential and place you into lower-level courses.  Therefore, we are changing to ensure you do not have to take costly, unnecessary courses that do not transfer to a university.

What if I do not feel ready for college-level Math and English?

For Fall 2019, we are innovating academic options for those who could benefit from additional support to help them succeed in college-level courses. As always, you should see a Counselor to help you with your education plan. You can also find out what your options are through the Class Schedule online or the Course Catalog.

What should high school students do to prepare for enrolling at Golden West?

We have a program specifically for students like you! Please check the Freshman Priority Registration website for more information.