Nursing FAQs

What is the application process?
Does Golden West College offer the TEAS exam? If so, when?
What is the application deadline?
Can I apply with prerequisite courses in progress?
What are the minimum points (on the Multi-Criteria Guidelines) required to be accepted?
How are students selected?
Do you have a waitlist?
How many applications do you receive?
Can I still apply/be accepted into the program if I do not have a clear background (i.e.: DUI, misdemeanor, other criminal conviction)?
How much does the program cost?
What does the course curriculum include?
What clinical sites do you assign students to?
Are clinical rotations assigned or are any elective?
Is there a simulation lab?
Do you offer an in-person orientation for your program and/or application information session?
Can I make an appointment with someone to discuss the application process?
Is there any way I can schedule a counseling session to get more information?
Is there a course equivalency form to know whether courses I am taking (or previously have taken) will be equivalent?
I already have RN from another program and according to the Board of Registered Nursing, I am required to take some additional course(s) (i.e.: OB/Pediatrics; medical/surgical; etc.) Do you offer these courses?
Do you offer a LVN-RN Bridge Program?
Are courses available evenings, weekends, or online?
Is the program accredited?
What is the difference between ADN and BSN programs?
What is the GWC School of Nursing pass rate?
Can students dual enroll with another university?
Can students apply to the program with prerequisite courses in progress?
If transferring from another nursing program, is there opportunity for advanced placement?
What is the difference between a transfer student and new applicant?
When do we accept Transfers?
Is G099 part of the nursing program? Does it count toward the multi-criteria guidelines
Does volunteer and work experience expire?
What is direct patient care?
What is direct patient care within regards to work experience?
What is considered a volunteer setting?
Does helping a sick relative count as direct patient care?
What needs to be used to prove second language?
Does German count or any other languages not listed on Multi-Criteria Guidelines?
What is the difference for TEAS test scores (Unofficial vs. Official)?
What is the TEAS?
Is the 30 Unit Option for Licensed Vocational Nurses offered?
What is the 30 Unit Option for LVNs?
If I applied in the past, do I need to resubmit my official transcripts?
How many alternates get accepted into cohort?
If I am an alternate, do I need to begin my clinical requirements?
Will I be considered ineligible for the application period if my official transcripts are received after the deadline?
Where should I look to find out if my courses are equivalent to the required courses based on the multi-criteria guidelines?
Do my completed courses have to match the required Academic and Science requirements for acceptance into the nursing program?
Do I need to apply to the college before I submit my official transcripts from other schools?
Do I need to provide my history of immunizations and health record during the application process?
What are the clinical requirements for the program? What can I do to be prepared?
What is a nursing students weekly schedule like?
How many students are admitted into the program each semester?
Do I need a Social Security Number to apply?
If I received a C- in my required coursework, will it deem me as an ineligible applicant?
Can I apply if my BIO GPA is below 2.5?
How do I complete the GPA table if my biology lecture and lab are separate in the application?
Science course seven years recency, does it start when I apply or when I start the program?


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