We are located on first floor of Math & Science – Room 130

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The Golden West College STEM Center is committed to inspiring inquiry, fostering curiosity and innovation, and advancing academic excellence in our diverse students, faculty, and community within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


The Golden West College STEM Center will achieve this vision by integrating academics, student support services, and partnerships for a cross- discipline STEM community of students, staff, and faculty.


The values of the Golden West College STEM Center fully reflect those of our college:

Open access and equitable outcomes for our student population

Welcoming and inspiring educational environment

Collaboration of students, staff and faculty demonstrating open, respectful dialogue to solve problems

Innovation and academic excellence by students, staff, and faculty

Inclusiveness and diversity

Active leadership

High academic standards and the support of personal growth

Stewardship and sustainability

Role of technology to enhance a students academic experience


The Golden West College STEM program strategic plan includes the following three components, all promoted and supported by a variety of activities and opportunities:

1. Improving outreach and enrollment strategies to encourage a greater interest, participation, and success in completing a STEM pathway.
This will be supported by developing and implementing STEM programs for K-12 and academic workshops for entering freshman and returning students. Furthermore, faculty will assess the effectiveness of current curriculum and scheduling and redesign and improve areas that are not aligned with our current goals.

2. Expanding academic and student support services and partnerships.
This will be supported by increasing supplemental instruction, mentorship, and research opportunities for students. Additionally, STEM classrooms and laboratories will be improved to promote innovation and 21st century learning experiences. Furthermore, the STEM Center will offer a wide array of study materials, models, resources and staff to continue our students educational experience outside of the classroom.

3. Building and improving transfer and articulation agreements and strategies.
This will be supported by the use of data sharing of transfer students with our local universities and addressing any areas that are obstacles for student success. Additionally, faculty and staff will participate in articulation conferences and advisory board meetings with our local universities to keep abreast of changes in program requirements. Furthermore, Golden West College will expand its current relationships and build new relationships with local universities to provide our students with research and mentorship opportunities.

We welcome partnership/sponsorship opportunities from the education, industry, and community organizations.