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Below are the Projects that were approved through the 2021-22 Request for Proposal Process

Comprehensive Autism Program (CAP)

The Comprehensive Autism Program (CAP) is an autism spectrum student group that was developed by DSPS counselors, staff, and students in 2014 (formerly known as Puzzle Piece). Since its inception, the group has evolved into a multifaceted support system for Golden West College students and employees. It provides support to our Autism students through social means, developmental, academic, and resources across campus and beyond.

Early Alert Specialists

With the launch of AB 705, Golden West College had higher numbers of students passing transfer-level math under the old system, but we also had 1,205 students drop their math courses. Most of these students (92%) did not enroll again for the Spring term. Even more alarming, Black students were almost 90% likely to drop their math course, which means we are unlikely to make any progress with this population without addressing this problem. This project hires a Math Retention Specialist and a part-time counselor to case manage students in the lowest-level math and English courses.

Equity Professional Development

Equity Professional Development events focus on increasing academic and racial equity awareness to shift the campus culture towards institutional responsibility in response to academic barriers and success. The varied types of professional development and event opportunities are available to all campus constituents including faculty, management, classified staff, and students.

Puente Retention and Completion Initiative

By involving the family throughout the cohort year and providing students with school supplies will help increase access, retention and course completion in all transferable English coursework (Freshmen Composition and Critical Thinking) and math, general course completion, and persistence rates during their first year of college.

Student Ally Center

The Student Ally Center serves the entire student population via a case management approach to address the retention equity gap for the institution. The Student Equity and Achievement Program opened the Student Ally Center in Fall 2019 to assist students with the navigation of non-academic challenges through resource connection with the goal to increase academic persistence and retention rates focusing on disproportionately impacted students identified in the Request for Proposal Template.

Through the Gate: Moving Students Through the Transfer Pipeline

The Transfer Center Support project will assist with increasing the numbers moving through the transfer pipeline. Targeted outreach, using the “Through the Gate” transfer study (RP Group) will be utilized to outreach to students in a case-management method within three different target groups, starting with those who meet requirements, in progress to meet requirements in a given year, and new students who declare a transfer intent.

Umoja Learning Community

We are proposing the establishment of an Umoja Learning Community created to serve the growing African American/Black student population on campus and respond to the culturally diverse needs of our student body. As directed by the CCCCO Call to Action, this program aligns to an inclusive campus culture and addresses systemic barriers to African American/Black, and all students of color, within an educational framework. Umoja actively serves and promotes student success for all students through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas with the focus on creating an environment of validation and support for our African American/Black Students.