Entering GWC Nursing Students

WE DO NURSING PHYSICALS for incoming GWC Nursing Students

We are experienced at helping you complete all aspects of your GWC Nursing Student physical exam requirements and paperwork

While each case is individual, most students need two to four visits to complete all physical exam items:

The 1st visit is the initial visit with the nurse and includes a review of the paper work, vital signs, vision and hearing tests, blood and urine collection, possible TB screening, and vaccines if needed (60 minutes). Please bring your Immunization record and lab work with you to your first visit.

Subsequent visits will be needed for the physical exam with the physician (30 minutes), vaccines if needed, paperwork and TB screening..

PRICES We are non-profit and low-cost. Fees are subject to change. Vaccine fees are for each dose. We accept checks, cash, Visa/Mastercard.


Physical Exam - $30.00
Phlebotomy - $10.00
PPD TB test (each) - $15.00
CBC blood test - $10.00
RPR test - $5.00
Urinalysis - $5.00


Seasonal Flu - $16.00
Tdap - $40.00

Disease Titers

Hepatitis B - $15.00
MMR - $45.00
Varicella - $15.00

The GWC Student Health Center is located on the first floor of the School of Nursing and Health Services Building.

Walk in or call to make an appointment: (714) 895-8379

Nursing PE Pricing [PDF]