Mental Health Services

The Student Health Center offers free, confidential in-person or remote counseling services to GWC students. If you have any of these concerns or would like general professional assistance, please come in or call 714-895-8379 for an appointment.

You may also download and use the free, 24/7 service TimelyCare for scheduling tele-therapy or other assistance.

With regard to mental health, the mission of the Student Health Center is to reduce mental health symptoms in order to improve school success in our students.

  • We use brief models of therapy (approximately 8 sessions) designed to achieve short-term goals.
  • There is a refundable $10 deposit to see a therapist in-person at the Student Health Center.
  • Students who do not presently have symptoms, but are interested in careers in psychology, should be referred to academic counselors. Therefore, use of treatment hours for academic counseling limits our ability to help students who are in need of psychotherapy.

GWC Mental Health Services Brochure [PDF]

Mental Health Resource Packet [PDF]

Please come in or call the Student Health Center at 714-895-8379 for an appointment or questions. Or you can visit TimelyCare to set up your own tele-therapy sessions!