DSPS Department

DSPS provides services for students who have a verified disability, which poses a limitation on the person's ability to academically succeed. Although not every disability needs accommodations, many do. Sometimes the educational limitations are very subtle and interfere in ways that are not obvious to the casual observer. Other times the limitations are obvious. In either case, DSPS provides services that are appropriate to each individuals disability as determined by the DSPS counselor.

How do I request services and accommodations?
  1. To receive services and accommodations, you must be a registered student with the DSPS office.
  2. To find out if you qualify for certain accommodations, please make an appointment to meet with a DSPS Counselor.
  3. If you qualify you must make a formal request for services and accommodations. Request forms are available below or at the DSPS Office.

Please note: Criteria for accommodations vary. For more information please call 714-895-8721.

The followings services and accommodations are available for individuals who qualify:

Alternative Media
Equipment Loan
Note Taking Services
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Services
Test Accommodations
Service Animal
Emotional Support Animals (ESA)