Golden West College’s noncredit courses are designed for students who wish to advance their educational and career goals. Noncredit courses are offered on-campus, off-campus, and online. They provide students with lifelong learning, college transfer, and career preparation opportunities. All noncredit courses are FREE with no proof of residency needed. The courses are highly accessible and repeatable with no prerequisite courses. Most importantly, the courses  serve as a critical “open access” entry point for students of diverse backgrounds and those seeking self-improvement, increased literacy, and job skills.

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English Language Learning (ELL) Certificates

Non-native English language learners will develop English skills essential for daily communication. Its focus on language, culture, and life skills will help students achieve personal, career and academic goals.  The English Language Learning program further  develops the student’s oral fluency, reading, and writing. It also prepares students for English as a Second Language (ESL) academic credit courses.

Beginning Low to Beginning High Level
ELL English for Communication, Level 1
ELL Grammar for Fluency, Level 1
ELL Pronunciation for Fluency, Level 1

Intermediate Low to Intermediate High Level
ELL English for Communication, Level 2
ELL Grammar for Fluency, Level 2
ELL Pronunciation for Fluency, Level 2

ELL English for Communication, Level 3
ELL Grammar for Fluency, Level 3
ELL Pronunciation for Fluency, Level 3

English for Citizenship Certificate

The citizenship preparation program is designed to prepare non-native speakers of English to complete the U.S. citizenship process. Preparation includes reinforcing critical points of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) civics study questions by reviewing basic U.S history, government, and constitution. Also, students will develop English communicative skills through the practice of interactions and interview techniques to understand and complete the final USCIS interview.

ELL Reading and Writing for Citizenship (New – offering Fall 2020)

ELL Listening and Speaking for Citizenship (New – offering Fall 2020)

Learn the steps for becoming a U.S. citizen, including how to apply, sample test questions, and what is the naturalization process by visiting this website:

General Educational Development (GED®)

GED Preparation Certificate

Noncredit GED Test Preparation courses provide students with the reading, writing, science, and math skills necessary to successfully pass the GED exam.

The GED® Test is used in California to award high school equivalency certificates.  To register and schedule for the GED® Test, test-takers must register online by visiting or by calling the Pearson VUE call center at 1-877-EXAM-GED (392-6433).

GED Test Preparation: Reasoning Through Language Arts (New – offering FA 20)

GED Test Preparation: Mathematical Reasoning (Coming Soon!)

Golden West College is an Official Pearson VUE GED Testing Center™


Coming Soon!

Noncredit Education Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who may attend noncredit courses?
A. Anyone 18 years of age or older.

Q. How do I apply and register for noncredit classes?
A. Go to CCC Apply to apply for college admission and register for classes.

Application to College:

Q. When do I register for classes?
A. Register early online or in person. Classes are a first-come, first-serve basis. You can register up until the first class begins, but this increases your chances of your desired classes being full.

Q. Can I receive Financial Aid?
A. No. Federal Financial Aid is not available for noncredit classes. Although tuition is free, students are responsible for the purchase of textbooks and supplies. Financial aid is not available for these materials.

Q. How much does a noncredit class cost?
A. Tuition is free, but students are responsible for the purchase of books and supplies.

Q. Where can I get a student ID card?
A. You can get a student ID card from the Admissions & Records Department located in the Student Services Center.

Campus map:

Q. Do I need a parking permit?
A. Yes. Please visit the Public Safety website for more information.

Ordering a parking permit:

Q. How long is the parking permit valid for?
A. The parking permit is valid for one semester.

Q. What should I do if I get a parking ticket?
A. You can pay citation online:
You will need the citation number and license plate number

If you want to contest the parking ticket, you can go to Public Safety website at for more information.

Q. Can I bring my children to class with me?
A. No, children are not allowed in the classroom.

Q. How many levels of ELL classes are there?
A. There are three levels of ELL classes.

Level 1 = Beginning Low & Beginning High
Level 2 = Intermediate Low & Intermediate High
Level 3 = Advanced

Q. How do I know my level?
A. Go to the noncredit course description website to learn more about the different levels of ELL classes.

Q. How long are the classes?
A. Most classes are 2 or 3 hours long. Some are shorter. Most classes are eight weeks long, and some classes are 16 weeks long.

Q. Do I have to stay for the entire class?
A. It is important to come on time and stay for the entire class. If you need to miss some class time, please contact your instructor.

Q. Can I attend more than one class?
A. Yes, you can attend as many classes as you like.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for these courses?
A. No.

Q. Can I repeat a course?
A. Yes. Students can repeat a course as many times as needed.

Q. Can these classes be transferred to another college?
A. No.

Q. How long will it take for me to finish a noncredit certificate?
A. It depends on your availability and the availability of the classes being offered.

Q. Do I have to purchase books?
A. Yes, most courses require textbooks.

Q. Do I receive grades for noncredit classes?
A. Yes. Upon completion of a course, students will receive a grade of pass, no pass, or satisfactory progress.

Kay Nguyen
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Noncredit Education
Phone: 714-895-8727

Linda Ju-Ong
Director of Adult Education
Phone: 714-581-8831

Karina Villeda
Adjunct Counselor
Phone: 714-949-0090

Tania Lee
Project Coordinator
Phone: 714-684-1809

Dominique Tran
Outreach Specialist
Phone: 714-895-8193

Cox, Wyatt, Part-time Faculty
B.A. Humboldt St. University; M.A. California State University, Long Beach; M.A. California State University, San Bernardino


Flood, Jack, Part-time Faculty
B.A. San Francisco State University; M.A. (Honors) University of San Francisco


Henel, Sylvia, Part-time Faculty
B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) Connecticut College; M.A. Harvard University; Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa


Kim, Caroline J., Part-time Faculty
B.A. University of California, Irvine; M.A. Westcliff University (Valedictorian)


Le, Tieu-Khe (T.K.), Part-time Faculty
B.A. University of California, Irvine; M.A. University of California, Los Angeles


Luster, Michelle, Part-time Faculty
B.S. California State University, Fullerton; M.S. (Honors) California State University, Fullerton


Martin, Debra, Part-time Faculty
A.A. City College of San Francisco (Alpha Gamma Sigma); B.A. Mills College; M.Ed. University of Wollongong (High Distinction)


Moore, Catherine, Part-time Faculty
A.A. Saddleback College; B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara; M.A. University of the Pacific; Ed.D. Anaheim University


Nguyen, Teresa X., Full-time Faculty
B.A. University of California, Irvine; M.A. California State University, Long Beach


Samokhina, Natalya, Part-time Faculty
M.A. University of Texas; Ph.D. University of Arizona


Sattler, Tracy, Part-time Faculty
B.S. California State University, Long Beach; M.S. California State University, Fullerton


Tumbas, Nancy, Part-time Faculty
B.A. (Cum Laude) California State University, Long Beach; M.A. (Honors) California State University, Long Beach


Vega, Lorena L., Part-time Faculty
B.A. University of California, Los Angeles; M.A. California State University, San Bernardino


Voisard, Norbert, Part-time Faculty
B.A. California State University, Long Beach; M.A. California State University, Long Beach


To participate in Noncredit Programs and Courses, you must complete this two-step process. Please read through the steps below completely before beginning the process:

New & Returning Students:

Step 1: Apply Now! Complete the admission application.

*NOTE: An email account is REQUIRED to complete your Admission Application. If you do not have a personal email address, free email accounts are available from many sources.

Step 2: You will receive a GWC student ID number by email. Register for classes.

Continuing Students:

Continuing students (those who are registered in classes for the current semester) do NOT need to reapply for admission.

Step 1: Select desired classes from the Fall 2020 Noncredit Class Schedule

Step 2: Complete the Student Add Card form:

Summer Semester 2020

June 8, 2020 – First Day of Instruction
July 3, 2020 – Independence Day (Holiday) No Classes
August 14, 2020 – Last Day of Summer Session

Apply Now to GWC

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Monday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Saturday: CLOSED
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Contact Information

(714) 684-1809

Email address:

Program Information

Noncredit classes are open to anyone in the community 18 years or older.

Noncredit classes (0 units) are not applicable towards an associate’s degree.

Classes are tuition-free. Most classes require a textbook.

Chromebook Loan Program

If you need a computer to study online courses, we can help! Students enrolled in at least one noncredit class are eligible to borrow a Chromebook.

Contact us at for more information.

Make an appointment with noncredit counselors:

Virtual counseling appointments are available!

Noncredit Counselors

Ailene Nguyen
Languages: English and Vietnamese
Email address:

Karina Villeda
Language: English and Spanish
Email address:

Counselors Hours

Monday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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