Adult Dual Enrollment Program

GWC Noncredit - Adult Dual Enrollment

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Senate Bill 554 authorizes the Coast Community College District (Coastline College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College) to authorize a student pursuing a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate through the Coast Colleges Noncredit Adult Education Program to enroll as a special part-time student. It allows Adult Education students to study advanced-level instructional areas not offered at their current school/program.

College courses completed by Adult Education students carry the full weight of college credit and will count toward college degrees and/or certificates. These courses become a part of the student's permanent college academic transcript.

Golden West College provides FREE accessible, convenient courses to assist Adult Education students in achieving their educational and vocational goals.

If you are enrolled in the free GED (General Educational Development) ® preparation classes at Golden West College, you are qualified to enroll in the Adult Dual Enrollment Program. Once admitted to the Adult Dual Enrollment, you are allowed to take up to 11-unit credit classes for FREE! All college enrollment and other fees will be waived; contact AEP Counselor- Rosemary Rangel at (714) 895-8293 or email at

Benefits of dual enrollment for adult education students:

  • Students pursuing a high school diploma, or a high school equivalency certificate can enroll as a special admit student at a community college
  • Enrollment and other fees are waived. The only fees that a student pays are instructional material fees for materials required for a class, parking fees (no parking fees will be charged in summer 2023), and the cost of textbooks.
  • Residency and funding barriers are removed
  • Provides opportunities for college & career exploration and increases likelihood that the student will continue with college
  • High school transcripts are not required
  • GPA is not a requirement

Students do not begin the clock on any form of financial aid while enrolled as an adult education dual enrolled student

Registration Steps:

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