Independent Colleges and Universities

Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities

There are great differences in size, educational purpose, and emphasis among these institutions. Some are large and offer both undergraduate and graduate programs; most are relatively small and offer students a personalized campus community life. Some campuses emphasize a particular vocation or religious emphasis. Specific information about the requirements and educational opportunities available at any independent college in the U.S. is available in the GWC Transfer Center or on the web at

There are over 100 Private / Independent Colleges and Universities in California, and include the following types of schools: 

Research Universities: USC, Stanford, California Institute of Technology (CalTech), Loma Linda, Claremont Grad.

Speciality Colleges: Art Center, Woodbury, Samuel Merrit Faith-Based Schools: Loyola Marymount, Biola, Concordia, Santa Clara

Comprehensive: Chapman, Claremont McKenna

Graduate Schools: Claremont Grad School Women's Colleges: Mills, Mt. St. Mary's, Scripps 

Degrees Offered: Private schools offer the full range of degrees, from Associate to the Doctorate, as well as professional degrees in law and medicine.

APPLICATION FILING PERIODS: Filing periods will vary from campus to campus. Please refer to the individual catalog of the campus for more information.

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