• Primary coordinating and recommending body to the College President on matters of college-wide planning.
  • Primary resource for accreditation and program review processing, coordination, and recommendations.
  • It is understood that the authority of the Academic Senate, the Associated Students of Golden West College and the agreements of our established collective bargaining agents are not diminished by the provisions or definitions found in this document.
  • The Planning Council is a shared governance committee.
  • It is not subject to the Brown Act.


  1. Establish long-term and short-term planning priorities for the college.
  2. Conduct and oversee the process of updating the Strategic Plan, College Mission and Goals, Program Review, and Accreditation reports.
  3. Review of data and other campus committee reports to make recommendations for annual institutional priorities.
  4. Develop and implement resource allocation guidelines and recommendations that enable achievement of college-wide planning goals. Make recommendations of same to the college Budget Council.
  5. Present updates on planning to the Budget Council, Academic Senate, and other college committees, as necessary.
  6. Establish, monitor, and review the work of planning task forces to address specific tasks and implementation of task force recommendations once approved by the Planning Council.
  7. Incorporate equity-minded decision-making to create, promote, and maintain activities, programs, and instruction that welcome, celebrate, and promote respect for all. This includes creating equity among disproportionately impacted students across age, ethnicity, race, national origins, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, mental/physical abilities, family status, religion, and socioeconomic status.
  8. Hold regularly scheduled joint meetings with the Budget Council (frequency TBD by Councils)
  9. Agendas and Action items will be posted as part of the shared governance process.


Committee Co-Chair: Claudia Lee, Vice President of Student Services, Kay Nguyen, Acting Vice President of Instruction

Recorder: Yadira Lopez-Daly, Office of Instruction

Planning Council Committee Members
Kay Nguyen Acting Vice President of Instruction Position Based Continuous
Claudia Lee Vice President,
Student Services
Position Based Continuous
Damien Jordan Academic Senate President or Designee
Position Based 2-years F2023-SP2024
Erin Craig Faculty Member, CCD Rep Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024
Michael Tran Faculty Member, At-Large Constituency Election 2-years F2023-SP2025
Bre Ritter Classified Senate President or designee Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024
Dorsie Brooks Manager, At-Large Constituency Election 2-years F2022-SP2024
Natalie Timpson Manager, At-Large Constituency Election 2-years F2022-SP2024
Lauren Sosenko ORPIE Manager or Designee Position based Continuous
Christina Ryan Rodriguez Equity Manager or Designee Position based Continuous
Theresa Lavarini Faculty Member, CFE CFE 2-years F2022-SP2024
Jeannette Jaramillo Classified Member, CFCP CFCEP 2-years F2022-SP2024
Natalie Vu Student, ASGWC Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024
Sydnie Sabbarese Student, ASGWC Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024
Yadira Lopez-Daly Administrative Assistant to VPI, Recorder/Support Position based Continuous

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule: 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 1:30 – 3 pm (excluding holidays)

Planning Council Teams