The College Budget Council is a shared governance committee. It is the primary recommending body to the President’s Cabinet and College President on matters of College-wide budget and resource allocations. It is the primary resource for budgetary and financial recommendations that originate from other college committees. All budget or resource allocation matters will first come to this council then be processed as appropriate through this council or referred for additional review to the appropriate college committee. It is understood that the authority of the Academic Senate, the ASGWC, and the agreements of our established collective bargaining agents are not diminished by the provisions or definitions found in this document.


  • Primary budget and finance committee
  • Review of all requests for funding (no matter the source) including RFP’s, lottery, CTE, program review resource requests, technology software and equipment.
  • Refer to appropriate committees for more information regarding requests when needed and make recommendations to the President’s Council on expenditure.
  • Develop and implement resource allocation guidelines and recommendations that enable achievement of college-wide long-term and short-term budgetary goals.
  • Review and recommendation of proposed college budgets.
  • Review of District adopted budgets (college general fund).
  • Review and approval of all contracts that obligate the college and provide essential services.
  • Incorporate equity-minded decision making to create, promote, and maintain activities, programs, and instruction that welcome, celebrate, and promote respect for all. This includes creating equity among disproportionately impacted students across age, ethnicity, race, national origins, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, mental/physical abilities, family status, religion, and socioeconomic status.
  • Hold regularly scheduled joint meeting with the Planning Council


Committee Chair: Rick Hicks, Acting Vice President of Administrative Services

Committee Co-Chair: Martie Ramm Engle, Acting Dean, Arts & Letters

Recorder: Dawn Dittmer, VPAS Office

Budget Council Committee Members
Rick Hicks Vice President,
Administrative Services
Position Based Continuous
Paul Wisner Director,
Fiscal Services
Position Based Continuous
VACANT Representative,
Student Equity and Achievement
Position Based Continuous
Dorsie Brooks Representative,
Special Funding / Grants
Position Based 2-years F2022-SP2024
Noah Levin Representative,
Academic Senate
Constituency Election 2-years F2023-SP2025
Annamaria Crescimanno Representative-Elect,
Academic Senate
Constituency Election 2-years F2022-SP2024
VACANT Representative-Elect,
Council for Chairs and Deans
Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024
Brian Thill Representative-Elect,
Coast Federation of Educators
Constituency Election 2-years F2022-SP2024
Zack Hope Representative-Elect, Classified Senate Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024
Martie Ramm Engle Dean or Manager at-large President 1-year F2023-SP2024
Natalie Timpson Representative,
Coast District Manager Association
CDMA 2-years F2023-SP2025
Charissa McCord Representative,
Coast Federation of Classified Employees
CFCE 2-years F2023-SP2025
Victoria Pham Vice President of Financial Affairs, Associated Students of GWC Constituency Election 1-year F2023-SP2024

Meeting Schedule

First and Third Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Language Arts (LA) 115, unless otherwise noted.

Budget Council Committee Agendas and Minutes
Meeting Dates Location/Link Agendas Minutes
September 6, 2023
LA 115 BC-Agenda 09.06.23 [PDF] BC-Minutes 09.06.23 [PDF]
September 20, 2023
LA 115 BC-Agenda 09.20.23 [PDF] BC-Minutes 09.20.23 [PDF]
October 4, 2023
LA 115 BC-Agenda 10.04.23 [PDF] BC-Minutes 10.04.23 [PDF]
October 18, 2023
LA 115 BC-Agenda 10.18.23 [PDF] BC-Minutes 10.18.23 [PDF]
November 1, 2023
LA 115 BC-Agenda 11.01.23 [PDF] BC-Minutes 11.01.23 [PDF]
November 15, 2023
LA 115 BC-Agenda 11.15.23 [PDF] BC-Minutes 11.15.23 [PDF]
December 6, 2023
LA 115 Joint Meeting Agenda 12.06.23 [PDF]
February 7, 2024
LA 115 BC-Agenda 02.07.24 [PDF] BC-Minutes 02.07.24 [PDF]
February 21, 2024
LA 115 BC-Agenda 02.21.24 [PDF]
March 6, 2024
LA 115 BC-Agenda 03.06.24 [PDF]
March 20, 2024
LA 115 BC-Agenda 03.20.24 [PDF]
April 3, 2024
LA 115
April 17, 2024
LA 115
May 1, 2024
LA 115
May 15, 2024
LA 115