Civic Engagement

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What is Civic Engagement?

Civic engagement is when communities and individuals engage with pressing issues of any public concerns of the local, city, or state governments. Civic engagement is concerned with community collaboration in taking political and nonpolitical actions to protect the values of the community and make improvements of significant impact for the betterment of community interests. Being involved in public concerns at the state and federal levels means you are making your voice heard.

Some ways to make change:

  • Citizens performing their civic duty by registering to vote and casting their vote
  • Voting is essential for all people to be engaged.
  • Volunteering during election periods by making phone calls or handing out pamphlets
  • Contacting local representatives of Congress through correspondence through lobbying
  • Students can become involved with the Student Senate of California Community College (SSCCC) by participating in Associated Student Committees
  • Students can participate in the decision-making process of their local community college through involvement with the student board of trustees
  • Students are required to pay a student representative fee of $2 per semester to help support student campus activities and the student government body
  • Outside of the campus government, students can join an external campaign supporting candidates running for public positions and local measures by canvassing or volunteering outreach

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Am I allowed to Vote?

To be eligible to vote in California, you must be:

  • A California Resident and a United States citizen
  • 18 years or older by the date of election
  • Not currently incarcerated for a felony conviction
  • Not prohibited to vote by court order

How and Where do I register to Vote?

You can register online, in person, through the mail, or in a voting center.

Online Registration

Residents can register to vote at:

In-Person Registration

Local institutions that offer in-person registration include county elections offices, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices, U.S. post offices, or local libraries. Your application must be completed and postmarked or personally delivered to your county elections office or center 15 days prior to the election.

Mail-in Registration

By Mail: The United States Postal Service recommends returning your completed ballot in the mail at least seven days (or more!) before election day. No postage is required.

To have an application mailed to you, call your county elections office or the Secretary of State's toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).

California ballots will be counted as long as they are postmarked on or before Election Day and received by your county elections office no later than 17 days after the election. The California Secretary of State is now offering ballot tracking, a new way for voters to track and receive notifications on the status of their vote-by-mail ballot. It lets voters know when their ballot has been mailed, received, and counted.

Voting Center and Election Day Registration

California Residents may now register to vote 14 days prior to the election under Conditional Voter Registration. Voting registration is now also offered on Election Day at official voting centers.


What do I need to Register to Vote?

In order to register for voting, you need:

  • Some form of official identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, student ID card, birth certificate, or social security card
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • Your date of birth


  • Citizens who are 16 or 17 years of age may pre-register as voters if they will be 18 on Election Day.

How do I check or update the status of my Voter Registration?

Where do I Vote?

For dates and locations of voting centers, visit the following link:


Where can I learn more about Voting?
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