ASGWC Executive Student Council

ASGWC Executive Student Council

Kaly Mendoza - ASGWC Prez

Student Body President
Kaly Mendoza

Office Hours: Tues., 10:30am-12:30pm

Alex Gonzales - ASGWC Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President
Alex Gonzales

Office Hours: Mon., 9am-11am

Jose Fuentes Perez - ASGWC Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary
Jose Fuentes-Perez

Office Hours: Mon., 11am-12pm

Jovani Figueroa - ASGWC VP of College Life

Vice President of College Life
Jovani V. Figueroa

Office Hours: Tues., 10am-11am

Lalo Velasco - ASGWC VP of Club Affairs

Vice President of Club Affairs
Lalo Velasco

Office Hours: Tues., 4pm-6pm

Damjan Nastic - ASGWC VP of Financial Affairs

Vice President of Financial Affairs
Damjan Nastic
Office Hours: TBA

Mimi Luc - ASGWC VP of Public Relations

Vice President of Public Relations
Mimi Luc

Office Hours: Fri., 9am-10am

Nardeen Gerges - ASGWC VP of Student Advocacy

Vice President of Student Advocacy
Nardeen Gerges

Office Hours: Mon., 12pm-1pm

Daniella Diaz - ASGWC VP of Sustainability

Vice President of Sustainability
Daniella Diaz

Office Hours: Fri., 2pm-3pm