Associated Students of GWC

Mission, Vision & Goals


ASGWC represents the diverse student body by serving as a liaison between the students and Golden West College administration. In fostering a student-centered learning environment, ASGWC leads by example through active participation on campus and within society.


Associated Students of Golden West College (ASGWC) advocates for the personal and academic needs of GWCs diverse student body. We will pursue initiatives that create a more sustainable campus, grow students understanding of college resources, expand leadership opportunities, and promote active engagement in campus activities, programs and organizations. Most of all, as an organization led by students for students, we pledge to foster an equitable and inclusive college experience.

Goal 1:

Increase number of students on participatory governance and ASGWC Standing Committees
Fostering relationships
Networking with students, faculty, and staff
Actively seek & support disproportionately impacted groups

Goal 2:

Increase support and resources to clubs and organizations
Have a competitive recruitment for Vice President of Club Affairs
Provide channels of communication for feedback and ongoing support
Provide more involvement and your support in club affairs