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Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

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Getting Started

1. I'm a new student to GWC. How do I enroll and register for classes?
2. I'm not a high school graduate and do not have my high school equivalency/GED. May I still take courses?
3. I'm a high school student interested in taking a course at GWC, how do I proceed?
4. Do I need SAT scores to attend a community college?
5. I'm in the military and stationed overseas. How can I get started taking an online class?
6. Can I attend more than one community college at a time?
7. Will I be allowed to continue attending a Community College after completing a degree?
8. What is eCounseling? What services are provided?

Registering for Classes

1. What are the minimum and maximum number of units I can take?
2. When is my registration date?
3. What is the advantage of taking a course for P/NP (Pass or No Pass)?
4. I'm trying to register for a class and it says I'm not eligible. What can I do?
5. I'm having difficulty logging into MyGWC. Where do I go?
6. I have a hold on my registration, what should I do?
7. How do I get priority registration?
8. How do I search the class schedule?
9. What is DegreeWorks?
10. What classes do I sign up for? Where can I find my SEP (Student Education Plan)?
11. How do I register for classes? How do I drop classes?
12. How do I pay for my classes?
13. When is the deadline to pay for classes?
14. Where and When are my classes? Where can I get a copy of my class schedule?
15. How does the WAITLIST work?
16. What happens if I don’t get into a class by using the waitlist?

Completing Requirements

1. I'm interested in finding out more information about Nursing.
2. What is Certification of General Education?
3. Where can I find the requirements for an Associate Degree?
4. Can you tell me what I have left for my certificate/AA/transfer requirements?
5. How do I know if a class transfers? What courses should I take if I want to transfer?
6. I think I might want to be a teacher. What classes should I take?

What Else?

1. Where do I buy my parking permit?
2. I didn't do as well as I had hoped my first couple of semesters, but I'm serious now and ready to commit to school. What can I do to get back on track?
3. I earned a D or F in a class, may I retake it? If so, how many times?
4. I have a degree from another country. May I use these courses to complete my degree in the US? What if I changed my major?
5. How do I drop a class?
6. How many units should I take?

Paying for School

1. I just registered for my classes, when are fees due? How can I pay them?
2. How do I apply for financial aid?
3. Where can I find out about scholarships?
4. How do I check my financial aid status?
5. I am an unemployed single parent. Are there any programs to assist with paying for fees and books?

Finishing Up

1. The courses I need to complete my certificate have not been offered for the last two semesters. What should I do?
2. What do I need to do to receive my certificate/associate degree?
3. How do I obtain my transcripts?