Salary Advanced Credit for Full Time Faculty through IPD

A FULL-TIME FACULTY MEMBER who has not yet reached column V of the salary schedule desiring to receive salary advancement credit for a program of professional improvement including lower division courses may submit an application to the IPD Office. Faculty members may advance within the salary schedule in accordance with the CFE AFT contract. 

Twenty (20) units are required for advancement and may be soley upper division units or a combination of ten (10) academic/upper division and ten (10) IPD Professional Improvement Program Units.

((Salary advancement credit for part-time faculty is not managed by the IPD. Contact the part-time union, CoastCCA for further information)).


Refer below for the Programs of professional improvement for salary advancement credit and the amount of hours required to receive one unit of credit.

The IPD Reference Guide is intended to enhance the CFE AFT contract definitions of the professional development projects and to assist faculty in understanding and selecting from the variety of ways a faculty member can earn salary advancement credits.

Conference/Workshop: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work (Includes online workshops)

Lower Division: (1) unit = (1) academic unit
Job Shadowing: (1) IPD credit = (36) clock hours of work
Educational Materials: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work

Mentoring: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work
Professional Organization Activities: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work
Independent Study Credit: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work
Job Exchange: (1) IPD credits  = (36) clock hours of work
Publications: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work
Work Experience: (1) IPD credit = (36) clock hours of work
New Assignment: (1) IPD credit = (18) clock hours of work

For more information or clarification on submitting an application for salary advancement credits and the appropriate form, contact the IPD Office at or call 714/895-8175.


Salary Advancement Credit_Application

Lower Division Application

IPD Recommended Courses for Salary Advancement Credits

Mentoring Application

Mentor/Mentee Agreement

IPD SAC Application Deadlines

1. If you are eligible for a Horizontal Salary Advancement, faculty are to complete a CCCD District Office of Human Resources "Horizontal Salary Advancement" application. This is a once a year process and due in May. District HR will email this information directly to eligible faculty each year. Contact Kyla Bentley at District HR for assistance. 

2. IPD Application: Submit a fillable Salary Advancement Credit application in accordance with the IPD application deadlinesDo not begin the activity until you have received approval from the IPD.

3. IPD will meet as scheduled to review applications and determine approval. The applicant will receive notification of the committee's decision via their GWC email.


1. Upon completion of the project, the applicant shall submit evidence of completion/transcript to the IPD Office at For the current semester and any succeeding semesters, the evidence of completion will be due the semester immediately following the project completion date that is stated on the original application.

DEADLINE: Per the faculty contract, evidence of completed work is due to the IPD Office no later than September 1. Refer to the Salary Advancement Reference Guide for examples of acceptable documentation. The IPD will review the documents to determine final certification and will report the official earned IPD credits to District by the September 15 deadline. A copy of the notice will be sent to the applicants GWC email.


The IPD created a list of Recommended Courses to facilitate earning salary advancement credits. Please note the IPD also accepts applications from this list during the winter break and summer. Applications must be submitted prior to initiating the course. Retro approval is not provided. 


It is not necessary to submit an application to the IPD Office for upper division credits. Faculty may contact Kyla Bentley in the District Office of Human Resources at or call 714/438-4825.