Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs)

Why participate in a GWC Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs)?

FIGs give participants the opportunity to

  • collaborate with colleagues to discuss and/or research a particular issue, topic, or project related to student learning;
  • learn and share ideas around a common theme or question in teaching and learning; and
  • continue to develop professionally as a college faculty member.

What are some possible topics for FIGs?

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Cultural Competency
    • Supporting English learners
    • Addressing privilege, difference, and discrimination in the classroom
    • Challenging students' stereotypes, biases, and misperceptions
    • Building student confidence and belonging
    • Applying inclusive teaching practices
  • Teaching strategies/approaches
    • Learning theory and methods
    • Problem-based learning/ using case studies in teaching
    • Lecturing
    • Collaborative/cooperative learning: theory and methods
    • Community-based learning
    • Strengthening instructional skills/practices in a vocational setting
    • Increasing student engagement
    • Designing teaching portfolios

Guidelines for forming and maintaining a FIG:

  • All GWC full and part time faculty members are eligible to participate in FIGs.
  • Groups of 4-8 faculty can be formed any time during the academic year to form a FIG.
  • Groups may be from the same discipline or cross-disciplinary.
  • Groups should plan to meet in person or online for at least 3 hours over the course of a term or year.
  • One faculty member must agree to facilitate the group. This person will arrange and announce meeting times, dates, and locations. Facilitators will coordinate with the CIL Coordinator for information and planning.
  • Each group must have a specific focal topic, issue, concern, question, project, or challenge that it will spend the term and/or year addressing.
  • Applications must be completed and submitted to
  • Participants will be awarded a $400 honorarium, based upon attendance and participation in the FIG. Those attending less than 50% of the FIG meetings will receive no honorarium.
  • The total number of groups funded is based on available funds.
  • Faculty Inquiry Groups are expected to share their learning with an appropriate audience. This includes but is not limited to reports, presentations, or workshops for your department, your division, or the larger faculty community at GWC at flex days or the CIL.
  • Each FIG (led by the facilitator) is expected to write a short report to be shared on the GWC CIL website. Reports should include
    • the topic or governing questions of your FIG;
    • the resources the group found most helpful;
    • a brief description of each of your meetings; and
    • the overall outcomes of the project, including benefits of the FIG experience for group members.